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Text by Shrisha Nepal

For the first time in the 83-year history of SLC exams, the Office of the Controller of Examinations, on June 17, published SLC results in letter grading system (GPA – Grade Point Average), putting an end to subject-wise and percentage grading system. Among a total of 615,553 students who had filled exam forms, 11,864 were documented ineligible, while 15,537 didn’t take the exam. A total of 16,454 students got GPA between 3.6 and 4.0 which falls in A+ category, which is equivalent to a percentage between 90 and 100. While there are students who consider the new grading system as reading ‘blood groups’, others believe it as a ‘good marking system’. At this point of time, WAVE gathered 10 ‘A+ scorers’ from different schools, and attempted to know their experiences pre and post the SLC.

Beyosta Acharya, Alok Vidhyashram
“Preparing for SLC was a tiring ride, and complex and stressful. I was stressed even while eating. I wasn’t allowed to go out, but when I used to secretly get out, I would plan in such a way that I would be at home before my parents’ knowledge. Besides, my school had arranged extra classes but since none of us used to show up, our principal used to get angry all the time. As a punishment, my school did not organize a farewell for us. I am looking forward to this new chapter of my life. I hope college life will be more adventurous.”

Sweta Khanal, Carabian School
“I like the new grading system because it has discouraged people to compare performances of students, and has lessened the pressure of results among students. I am glad marking system in percentage came to an end.”

Anisha Gyawali, Carabian School
“Taking SLC is not as tough as it sounds. Pressure from family and teachers makes it feel tougher. It was the pressure that scared me, but when I finally appeared in the examination, it was not tough at all. Well, the first thing that I did after the last day was sidelining all my books. Now, I, along with my friends, have made plans to visit places.”

Pratik Shakya, Bhassara School
“School’s administration kept lot of pressure on us. We weren’t allowed to go out from our classrooms. My preps were well before SLC, thus, SLC exam was a relief compared to pre-SLC. Since I used to repeatedly do maths’ exercises, answers to some questions were all stored in my brain. I didn’t have to study more than an hour or two during the SLC examination. Taking SLC is not tough as people make it sound.repeatedly do maths’ exercises, answers to some questions were all stored in my brain. I didn’t have to study more than an hour or two during the SLC examination. Taking SLC is not tough as people make it sound.”

Smarika Kafle, Paragon Public School
“Preparing for SLC was a tough year not just for me but also for my parents. While I was not allowed to go out and attend my small parties, my parents, being supportive, obeyed the same rule and avoided going out for holidays or get-togethers for the whole year. My mother would always stay with me while I was studying so that I would not feel like ‘left-out’. Somewhere, it feels like SLC was her exam too. We went through all the struggles together. The result is the reflection of my parents’ effort on me.”

Sushant Giri, Kavya School
“Since our classes used to start at 6 in the morning until 8 in the evening, every day was hectic for me. The whole year was like a ‘Nakabandi’. I was prohibited to go out, play with friends, and do anything fun. But we had our shares of entertainment though. Whenever my friends used to come over to study, I used to lock the door and play. I think SLC is bit overrated. People should put less pressure on SLC students.

Phobe Barahi, I.J. Pioneer School
“I have coolest parents ever. They always got what it was like to have the SLC pressure wheeling above my head. To make me calm, they gave me the liberty to plan my study schedules myself. This is actually way better than pressurizing someone. My parents’ trust on me motivated me to perform well. I did miss playing basketball because my school’s administration didn’t let me play basketball the whole year. Now I am excited that I can play again.”

Srijesh Puri, GEMS
“Since I stayed in hostel, I didn’t get to meet my parents every day but whenever I did, they kept obsessing about how I should take SLC more seriously. I was kind of annoyed at that time. All I heard for a year was study, study and study. Actually, it paid off, and I am happy with my grades.”

Reeya Shrestha, Saptakoshi Secondary English School
“I sacrificed dancing despite loving it. Sadly, school’s administration also prohibited me to participate in annual dance competition. I would have probably won. Now, I am glad my dance routines are back. Besides, I, along with my friends turned religious during the exams. Every day, there would be a serpentine queue of students outside Saraswoti temple, desperately waiting to pray for a miracle to happen. Exams make a student a humble devotee.”

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