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Started five months ago as a pilot branch for a potential food chain in Siphal, Just Eat is a quirky and petite place for hygienic fast food. With a cool menu literally inscribed in a sheet of metal, the eatery will give you a choice of yummy food that you could devour their offerings even if you have a tight budget. The interior of the eatery is also fascinating as the walls are painted with attractive yellow and the artworks hung on it are enticing enough to get amazed. Though the eatery is soon opening its branches in Boudha and Thamel, we did not wait for that day, instead, we tried the all-chicken meal at their Siphal branch.


  1. Buffalo Wings 280                     
    Buffalo Wings
    Buffalo Wings

                           Rating    3.5/5

Splurging on these red wings covered with sauce, I could only describe the dish as ravishingly hot and sweet. It was such a good started mainly because of the mayonnaise that is handmade, right from scratch topped with chopped garlic and coriander.


  1. Chicken Quesadilla 220                
    Chicken Quesadilla
    Chicken Quesadilla

                                Rating    4/5

Surprisingly, the Quesadillas at Just Eat are much bigger in size than I had expected. And even though their version was missing a key ingredient which was the cheese, the dish was well-balanced which I would have preferred to be served with their amazing mayonnaise.  With the small pieces of chicken, capsicum, corn, and tomatoes stuttering off all over, my handy tip is to draw in your plate to relish the whole dish.


  1. Chicken Shawarma Roll 220              
    Chicken Shawarama Roll
    Chicken Shawarma Roll

                                   Rating   3.5/5

Fully-stuffed with the Levantine-prepped chicken, the Shawarma Roll was quite a heavy and big dish to go for. Served with sour cream and a Nepali hot sauce, the dish was wholly-filling and lip-smacking. If you are famished, you better order without a second thought.


  1. Shawarma Pizza Slice: Rs. 150     Large: Rs. 500             
    Shawaram Pizza Slice
    Shawarma Pizza Slice

                       Rating  4/5

Definitely a dish you would like to share with a small group of friends, the Shawarma pizza’s shape wasn’t the only surprise for us. Form the light and crispy crust to the generous toppings, every bite is pure joy. Unlike most pizzas, the Shawarma pizza is very light yet hearty, however, the amount of cheese on it wasn’t enough for me.

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