Kamal Farkiena


Directed by Ajay Adhikari Sushil, “Kamal Farkiena”is a beautifully Choreographed play which was recently acted in Shilpee Theatre, Battisputali. The play reflects on the current situation of the society where everyone desires to go to the capital of the country, Kathmandu with a thought that money comes easy, later faces issues as they run out of money and gets addicted to drugs. The play ends on a positive note with everyone learning the value of money, hard work and dedication.

Artists involved in the play are: Raj Kamal Kharel, Doma Tamang, Gopal Giri, Karina Kakshapati, Swikriti Nepal, Dinesh Rasaili, Purushwotam Chaulagain, Alisha Koirala, Ranjeeta Nepal, Pratika Nepal, Suman Baiju, Blozing Tamang, Pravakar Sigdel and Rabina Nepal.

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