Kengal Mehar Shrestha

By Prajita Shrestha | Photos by Sushan Shrestha


Our society has taught us that there can only be one king in the jungle – one ultimate winner. But let’s keep this societal convention aside and think. Sooner or later, we came to an epiphany that there is, in fact, more than one winner in a competition: the one who wins the game and the one who wins the heart of millions.

Last September, Buddha Lama became the first-ever Nepal Idol; and while Lama became the rightful and deserving winner of the Nepal’s edition of international pop idol franchise, Kengal Mehar Shrestha – mostly known as K-Town Angel – became someone who not only made a way to the top 10 but also secured a space of love in the hearts of millions of Nepali music lovers.

With her very first performance in the audition round, Shrestha had left us speechless while the judges were bedazzled. At that time, we didn’t know that it was just the beginning of an epic venture. Her every performance kept on getting better and better. Although a lot of people assume that this venture came easy for Shrestha, truth be told, it was her perseverance and determination that made her singing career a living dream.

“There were times when I was frustrated enough to think if I really was a passionate singer. However, I was formative about putting up with everything that came my way. It was only during past few years that I’ve had the pleasure of performing with different bands and people,” admits Shrestha. “There’ve been time where applauses for me were a rare sight, but nevertheless, each one of those  experiences has given me a sense of respect for music as an art.”

Shrestha has always been a fan of the whole idea of conveying words in a melodic construction to give it some weight and feel to the sentences. That is why she had kick-started her musical journey very early in her life. She used to listen to almost all the kinds of genres available; however, she certainly did have her favourites: Evanescence, 4-Non Blondes, and Lana Del Rey. Shrestha prefers jamming to the songs that are close to her heart, though meanwhile, she also gained an early conscience to sing a song or two based on the choice of her audience.

Gradually as she grew older, her passion towards music took a deeper toll. She would find herself mostly humming songs during her free time. Consequently, she made a decision to join Musica Music Institute which according to her was what ignited her music career.

From her first gig which was, by and large, a private affair, she has travelled a long trail. Today, she is everywhere: live shows in and outside the country, YouTube channels, and where not. All of these experiences have surpassed her expectations.

And to be specific about her Nepal Idol journey, Shrestha explains, “Music is obviously one thing I took back home with me but other than that has to be a sense of trust among the musicians and the right way to communicate among musicians to tackle the problems that come in the way of making a musical gem.“

In the upcoming years, Shrestha plans on making her own music and touring different places of the world to share her musical art. All in all, her future plan is to build a strong foundation for her profound interest in music.

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