Mental Radio goes on Inner City Gigs for mental health awareness


The press meet of Mental Radio’s ‘Together For Mental Health – Inner City Gigs’ took place on June 30 at the Old School Bar & Pub, Dhobighat to raise awareness regarding the issues of mental health to the media,  put forward the activities and initiative taken by the band, and to give out the details of their gigs. Metal Radio started their tour from June 30, starting right after the press conference to perform a series of gigs which will go on till a grand closing on October 10 at Lainchaur Ground in a public event which will feature other major bands and artists.

Because of the social stigma held by the society, mental health issues are not addressed and Mental Radio expressed their desire to provide the platform and some form of visibility so that the mental health issue can be further looked into. Dr. Ritesh Thapa and Bipin Shrestha of the Old School Bar & Pub also provided their input on the seriousness of the issue.

Besides the inner city gigs, Mental Radio laid out the plans to start schools as the destination to raise awareness because when  stress, fear, anxiety and depression as looked into at an early age, these issues have lesser chance of spiralling into a bigger problem. As of now, Mental Radio along with psychiatric doctors and volunteers have travelled to 3 schools namely Prabhat Higher Secondary School, Nepal Adarsha School and Shree Mahakali Madhyamik Bidhyalaya to provide help ninth standard students discover themselves and learn about mental health by being involved in musical games and activities. The programs held at schools also provided school teachers and administrative staff an opportunity to learn about mental health issues by a certified psychiatrist to help them identify the real problem faced by the children and how to handle such sensitive issues. Mental Radio  plans to further travel to 3 more schools.

The issue on mental health rose as a collective concept of the Godavari Alumni Association (GAA), Mental Radio and Dr. Arun Kunwar. Though their combined effort, an NGO called Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Promotion has been registered which will work on issues related to mental health.

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