My 3 Mistakes – Yogeshwar Amatya

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Text by Sonam Dolma Sherpa
Photo by Satyan Shrestha

Yogeshwar Amatya

1Being very fond of diamonds and emeralds, I wanted to open a jewellery store in Nepal, and thus, got enrolled in some classes, and did some researches. I even had some friends in Mumbai (then Bombay) who had trust on me, and were ready to forge a business relation with me. What didn’t allow me to start my business was the party animal living inside me. I was too busy partying, swimming, and having the time of my life.

2I was born was ‘wrong’ for me. I would’ve loved to born in the late 90s because by early 90’s, I was young already, and I had coloured my hair, wore earrings, and used to ride a roofless jeep. Commenting on my sense of fashion and lifestyle, people would call me ‘insane’. Even police had literally thrashed me for doing so, and I was given a name ‘The Rebel’. I tried to convince them that it was an American culture but to no avail. Males wearing earrings widely became an accepted trend only when the then Prince Dipendra and sons of high-ranked police officials started to wear earrings.

3As a young man, I was very much interested in ‘designing’ and ‘architecture’. Instead, I studied business because my father thought it would be better if I studied business rather than architecture.


Message to the youth

Not everyone makes the same mistakes. Always listen to your gut feeling, as our ancestors have already instilled knowledge in our conscience and the gut feeling can never be negative. The heart might sometimes be deceiving but our conscience is what should lead us. Do what your gut feeling says you to do; you want to be a dancer go ahead or an architect… do what you dream for!

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