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Text by Karishma Malakar
Photos by Satyan Shrestha
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Glamorous, exciting, adventurous and fun are few words which possibly engross our mind when talking about ‘Air Hostess’. But their standards are way wider than putting on lipstick and rucking in their shirts. The job not only requires professionalism around the clock but also around the globe.
I never wanted my life to be like: Go to school. Graduate. Get married. Grow old.Thank God, I was a dreamer and self-motivator, who had dreams to fly high ever since I was 10. Every aircraft in the sky that I used to wave at was the motivation for me. Thanks to my dream that eventually led me to be a part of this aviation industry, and work as cabin crew for Nepal Airlines.

Working as ‘Air Hostess’ is just awesome. Getting to play among the clouds every single day gives overwhelming feeling, and each and every flight brings a new challenge ahead because an air hostess has to work with new team, inside a new aircraft, for new destination and with completely different passengers, thus, is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. There is no way you get bored of. And yes, free accommodation, flying hours allowance, medical coverage, comprehensive insurance scheme and crew card which entitles for a discount in duty-free make a life of an air hostess amazing.

But most people show their discourtesy towards the profession, thinking that the job is only about putting on lipstick, obtaining passengers’ details, announcing pre-flight details, serving meals, passing reading materials or pillows or boosters seats for toddlers, but there is more than that.

Before selecting as cabin crew, every cabin crew has to attend and pass series of tests and examinations. Even I had to complete cabin crew training from Nepal Airlines Corporations after signing Cabin Crew Appointment in 2071.

Karishma Malakar
Karishma Malakar and paper planes

Air Hostesses are not only trained in identifying passengers requiring special requirements but also in dealing with a wide variety of in-flight emergencies and health conditions like asthma, choking, heart attacks, on-board births, stress reactions and allergic reactions, shock, stroke, epilepsy, diabetes, air sickness, and gastro-intestinal disturbances, along with maintaining hygiene on board and handling of clinical waste. While they have these in-flight responsibilities, I believe cabin crew are ‘Nurses in the Sky’.

Along with demonstrating safety measures, cabin crew help and escort nervous passengers, secure main doors, prevents smoke in the cabin, check the functioning of cockpits for ensuring pilot’s health and safety, ensure the security of cabin during turbulence, and act their best against hijackings. Besides this, cabin crew are the first to respond in situations like emergency landing and evacuation and are trained in weather monitoring, survival in sea, jungle, and desert, and for this, I would like to salute and call them ‘bodyguards’.

If you guys love working in one of the most challenging and amazing jobs, then join aviation because it is the right choice. No one can realize how substantial and fun aviation is until s/he feels the moment. It’s wonderful to climb the liquid mountains of the sky. Cheer up and live your dream.

Hoping to meet you in the sky one day.

The writer is Flight Attendant in Nepal Airlines, and also was one of the top 5 contestants of ‘Miss Jyapu’, and had worked as Assistant Choreographer for ‘Little Miss World Nepal’.

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