No Noes While Having Sex


We all crave for sex, but there are times when smooth sexual acts suddenly go wrong in the bedroom. WAVE approached few people and asked them to have no qualm while answering the question, “What kinds of sexual acts usually turn you off?”Perhaps, you might learn a lesson, and improve your sexual behaviours.

From Few Misters.

  1. While having a sexual intercourse, I once asked her to talk using dirty language. Abruptly, she began to laugh. In a sexual process, you should not crack jokes or say anything ‘stupid’ or ‘funny’. – Aryan
  2. When a girl wants to have sex but keeps saying, “Having sex is wrong,” or “We have to wait until we get married.” Basically, virgins are ‘turn-offs’. – Kushal
  3. I was trying to persuade a clingy girl to get into bed then she says, “You do love me right?”Uff!!!-Diwas
  4. “Once, while having sex with a girl I’d picked up from a bar, her blood oozed out. I thought I’d deflowered her but she shared it was the month-calling. Eewww.”-Datta
  5. “It’s disgusting to have sex with sex on periods. During that period, girls shouldn’t be trying to get into bed.”-Nikesh
  6. “I had sex with a girl who needed to listen to music while having sex. Her speakers were crappy, and her playlist sucked more.”-Arnav
  7. “Phone calls are the most annoying things. You must switch it off. Putting it on silence doesn’t work. What could be more important than the moment you’re having sex”-Bimal
  8. “Confidence is important but sometimes, unconfident girls keep on asking if she is doing it right or something is wrong. I can never enjoy with such girls. Get some drive woman!!”-Avinash
  9. “The moment when I’m unable to get a hard-on back after a short break while in the process. Word of advice: Don’t let even the end of the world disrupt the mood.”-Varun
  10. Maybe I’m at fault here but it’s a turn off when girls say no to a blowjob.-Yavin


From Few Misses

  1. “Talking while having sex is a turn-off for me.”-Chadani
  2. “I never get an orgasm when guys moan louder than me. It’s an obvious sign of inexperience.”-Pragati
  3. “Amateurs and their premature ejaculations. There have been times when guys climaxed before having the intercourse.”-Sujata
  4. “I like when boys kiss me all over my body but using excessive saliva is a turn-off.”-Kritika
  5. “Guys who make weird faces and fake their orgasms will never go to bed with me again.”-Suni
  6. “When a guy having horrible hygiene forces a girl for a blowjob.”-Ayesha
  7. “Rough sex can be horrible sometimes. Know the mood of the girl before you get into the groove.-Reena
  8. “I don’t want anyone around in the vicinity while I’m having sex. I hate it when I feel that someone is outside the room. People have actually knocked on the door.”-Binisha
  9. “Seeing a V-shaped underwear is very unattractive, and only a 10-year-old would wear such things.”-Arya
  10. “I dislike boys who take a lot of time putting on a condom. I don’t want to wait when I’m in the mood.”-Palistha

Identification of the people is protected as a respect to your privacies. Language has been edited for clarity and conciseness.

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