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It’s sure that you know Oshin Sitaula as the cutest and talented VJ in the country, but we’re sure you know very less about her. With this in mind, Priyadarshani Shrestha sat with this charismatic and adventurous cutie pie and got engaged in a conversation to know a bit about her life, goals, and aspirations.

Kickstart: Two years ago, I received an offer for the position of a VJ from Kantipur Television, and it was totally ‘out of the blue’. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the job but with few words of encouragement from my friends, I decided to give it a try and went for a screen test. At first, I didn’t know what to do but fortunately, I got selected, and was asked to join the media house at the immediate effect.

Juggling: Although I’ve been busier with M&S, I haven’t moved away from my ultimate goal ‘becoming a social entrepreneur in the future’. Being a business student, I am working on a project, and that’s a ‘secret’.

Confession: I had a tendency to unconsciously lie to myself which is actually worse than lying to someone else. It is something I am struggling with but at the same time, trying hard to change. I don’t really have problems in my life but I do struggle and strive to know myself better every day.

Obsession: Travelling around Nepal and its beautiful nooks and crannies has triggered my obsession. Besides mountainous regions, I have travelled almost all parts of Nepal, and now, I’m planning to travel more in the mountains, starting with Mustang very soon. I actually love traveling, especially when I travel alone because I will have ‘no boundaries’ and ‘no one holding me back’. I just love the freedom. Momentary thrills and adventures excite me more.

Oshin Sitaula posing with her dog.
Oshin Sitaula posing with her dog.

Experimentation: Besides work and study, I keep exploring things; do crazy stuffs to excite myself, and keep my pace with life. I have experimented my craziness with fast cars, horse riding, sky diving, rafting, among others. For instance, during a rafting adventure, I requested the rafting guide if we could have a dive from a cliff we were marveling at. When I was right up at the edge, suddenly, I dawned on me that the cliff actually was very scary indeed. There was no way I could back out, though, I tried to brush it off and thought to myself, “Come on a few broken bones won’t matter so much.” I had a cliff dive.

Regrets: On a day, I had committed a mistake, and had disappointed my parents. But now, when I look back, I realize that I have become a better person a controlled and careful one. So, I am not regretting for making the mistake, and I’m happy that the mistakes that I had committed have taught me well, and made me a different person.

Leaving Media Aside: Besides working with M&S, I am towards my academic pursuit in BBA at Ace Institute of Management. On the other side, I had co-founded ‘Children for Children’, a NGO, right after completing my A Levels from Chelsea International Academy. As a co-founder, I am also looking after it these days.



Response within a second

Favorite color: Um… um… um… White, at the moment!

Favorite movie: Ooohh, “The Bucket List”

Favorite Book: I haven’t been reading much lately but ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ by Joseph Murphy has to be one of my favorites.

Favorite type of music: Deep House vocals

Favorite person in the world: Me!!!

Favorite hobby: I am very impatient with my hobbies so I keep changing them. It could be sketching today and horse riding tomorrow.

Favorite drink: A strong coffee

Favorite place to eat: ‘Café Soma’ for breakfast, ‘The Chimney Fine Dining’ at Hotel Yak and Yeti for lunch, and ‘Café Aamu’ for ‘in-betweens’.

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