Pana holds educational workshop “Let’s Think Education”


Pana, an organisation trying to ‘rethink’ education and use it as a foundation for future initiatives, organised Let’s Talk Education,  a  workshop on July 8  in St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar. Discussing 4 topics, the workshop was focused for undergraduates but open to everyone who was interested.

The workshop allowed participants to choose from 4 different topics, namely: Deciphering the Entrepreneur, Humanising Science and Maths, (Re) thinking Sustainability, and Undertones of the Arts. There were around 60 people involved in the event, including participants, speakers and moderators.

The 1 day event focused on the misconceptions and choices faced by students, specially while pursuing undergraduate studies. The participants for the discussion were from online applications submitted.

Pana is an organisation which is just starting out with an aim to bridge to gap between what in learnt in the classroom and what is expected in the workplace. The members of Pana are Nepali graduates in various fields, like Computer Science, Economics, Biology and Business. The organisation believes in transdisciplinary education and that innovation and research should play a vital role in education. Pana wants to rethink the purpose of education in Nepalese society from teaching to learning.

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