Rara through my Lens


By Mina Rana

Rara Lake has become one of the best travel destinations lately. In this season, the biggest freshwater lake had welcome around 1,500 tourists, and around 300 motorcycles, 150 jeeps and 10 buses carrying visitors had arrived. This data inspired me to connect my drive with a laptop and search for photographs of Rara Lake and its nearby area that I had taken during my trip to Rara in January.     Rara Lake


  1. Rara Lake is situated at an altitude of 2,990 meters above the sea level and it was declared a site in the Ramsar list in 2007.
  2. The area around Rara lack sufficient hotels and lodges, and the number of tourists is increasing day by day. Thus, most people have to spend their nights under tents, buses, and jeeps.
  3. The road that leads towards Rara turns muddy during rainy season. In winter, it turns dusty.
  4. ‘September to October’ and ‘April to May’ are the best times to visit the lake.
  5. Rara is like a white shell with a gleaming blue pearl inside its mouth. With a blinking of an eyelid, one can find the lake changing its contrast into different shades of blue within seconds.
  6. The Rara National Park was established in 1976 to preserve the beauty of Rara Lake and protect it from sedimentation and adverse human activities.

About the photographer:Rara Lake

Mina Rana is a travel enthusiast and is working as Language/Student Affairs Coordinator at School for International Training.



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