Raw Barz: Now on Paper

You’ve watched a lot of Raw Barz videos on YouTube. Now, read it on WAVE.


Text by Prajita Shrestha
Photos by Bibek Puri

From the beginning to its latest fourth season, Raw Barz has ruled a myriad of Nepali hearts. While the showground of rap battle is now spreading its wing in the international realm—Raw Barz Australia, Raw Barz UK and Raw Barz India coming in the near future—we believe thousands of talented rappers from many corners of the world will land on the battlefield.

In this context, we thought of doing something different. Collaborating with Raw Barz, we agreed to organise a rap battle between two rappers; but this time, not in front of a video camera but on the pages of WAVE Magazine.

Finally two rappers—Daygen Shrestha and Koinch G—came into the frontline who wished to claim their rightful win.

Round 1
Daygen Shrestha
Daygen Shrestha


Daygen Shrestha

Yo can I beat KOINCH G? Of course
He’s like 5 foot 3 He always comes up short
Listen. This a point all you do is disappoint
I’m not two-faced but I’ll flip a coin
I’m a HEAD of the game you know that fairly well
You winning this battle is nothing more than a fairy TALE
Battling against me will be way too stressful
Flow so sick people saying bless you
(I chew) aaa Choo you rappers for breakfast
Never met a cereal killer so reckless

Koinch G
The day I was born, was actually night. People thought I would die but surprise.
I survived cause I don’t believe in theory. I’m practical, right?
So this Massacre fight won’t scare me.
I’m after the life, ghost raised me.
Soul empty, 4 MP’s.
I’m only enormous. This whole game was boring.
They ask now philosophies.
Who change that shit? (i)
My visions are golden.
Who wear that lens? (eye)
But I still don’t remember your face like Korean films.
Round 2

Daygen Shrestha

You ain’t funny but I need to laugh
When I see you with your Korean swag
Theres Krae-g, Kavi g, double g
So how can you trouble me
I’m completely stress free
How you the best rapper when you ain’t even the best G?
I can’t deny the fact that you’re talented
But you can’t handle this
My rap flow way to hazardous
I got you freezing up like mannequin challenges
You wanna hear a slogan that’s weak and awful?
#keep it normal

Koinch G
Koinch G

Koinch G

So you wanna talk about my name like you know the real G.
How could you even doubt? When I’m the man of both ENERGY and INNER G.
I’m nothing like these other rappers. I don’t shake hands.
They make friends, I make fans.
So find the difference.
You guys minus real shit, that’s why mine is different.
I came in game as a playmaker.
Changed the whole scene and records.
Fire in 3rd degree, my life is burning me.
Boys call me an OG not just because I pass the ball but I also kill every rappers like 90’s GERMANY

Dayjen Shrestha
A rapper who believes in the power of rap music to express inner feelings and emotions, Shrestha prefers delivering content that is based on good intention and mutual respect towards fellow rappers. He also hosts a show called Cartune Network in his YouTube channel, Halla, whereby he interviews Nepali rappers like Uniq Poet and Kavi G. Creating rap music has been Shrestha’s childhood fantasy, something that gave him a run of ecstasy. For Shrestha, being able to kindle words into flames of meaningful rap music is truly a dream in progress.

Koinch G
Despite rap genre has been defamed with having pseudo and offensive verses; there are still a bunch of rappers who like to keep things honest and raw. Koinch G falls into this category. 

Koinch G creates raps that portray his inner self and delivers a strong social message. He has done four battles so far, and while being a part of these battles, he has come across an epiphany that his love for rap music is embedded deep in his heart and soul. He wholeheartedly appreciates the ability of rap music to incorporate things that are difficult to say out loud into the melodies and rhymes of rap music.

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