Rohoto Launches Acnes, Lipice, Sunplay and Oxy


Rohoto Mentholatum Vietnma Co, has launched brands, including, Acnes, Lipice, Sunplay and Oxy. Acnes treatment series have ranges of products, such as Pre Acne Series, Post Acnes Series and Whitening Series, that help to treat acne in 3 easy steps (3 C: Clean, Care, Cure). Similarly, Lipice is a specialized lip care with variety of lip products capable enough to deliver functional benefits to deeply nourish and keep the lips fresh, soft and healthy.

Oxy, enriched with menthol, is dedicated skin care for men, and with an Icy Cool sensation, it gives ultimate instant refreshment. Oxy Deep Wash contains charcoal for deep skin cleansing. Sunplay is milk based sunscreen suitable for all kinds of skin type, with SPF ranging from 35 to 81. It contains PA++ and PA+++ which helps to prevent from UVA rays too.

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