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“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze” – Elinor Glyn


Text by Reena Maharjan



Bipul Chettri could be crowned ‘The King of Romance’ for the mesmerizing backdrop he has created with his words.

No! I’m not going to write about Bipul Chettri, the singer but about ‘Romance’ and ‘Love’. How easy and convincing it is to create a word-romantic scenario. Full moon night, twinkling stars scattered over the sky, dancing fireflies and your beloved one with you. OH !! here it is, the perfect romantic moment.

When there’s a heart pounding topic to talk about, every single ear strikes its position to listen more and goosebumps popping out adds extra spice to the topic. Well yes, it is that psychological pressure point which rejuvenates your body and mind. It is a must element and an “XYZ” factor to possess.

Now let’s talk about the youngsters. Today everyone is so open about everything. Meaning, from talking about sex to socializing in public medias and more. Gen today express their love openly and instantly. This is no more a century to hold back your emotion and take decades to express it.

While in search of inner peace, I entered ‘Garden of Dreams’ located in between Thamel and Kantipath. I saw different scenarios, well describing the desperate lovers rather than the romantic ones. But yes, let’s not get into their personal romance. *wink*

Driving down the road back home, I usually see a couple strolling around the streets of Thamel. A tall guy and a short girl reaching his heart. Boy cuddles her and she wraps him around his waist. Smiling, gossiping, little nutty teasers, and coffee sips along. A scene worth watching while I recall a line “And in her smile, I see something more beautiful than the stars.” From Across the Universe by Beth Revis.

Sipping my cup of coffee while sitting in my veranda on a rainy day, I come across a couple in a scooty. The girl drives and the boy wraps his hand around her waist. Rain lashing down did create a so very romantic climax for them. “Love Birds” I uttered.


Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember

Witnessing so many evidences, I can say love inspires the most beautiful gestures. Love makes us starry-eyed; it makes us swoon. It makes us do things that other people might even think are a little crazy (but those in love will understand). Those quotes have not merely popped out of nowhere. Love compels you to write sonnets. It makes you dance until dawn. It spellbinds you to the limit where you see nothing right but love.

Where sonnets, phrases and words describe your inner emotion, not necessarily all poets are romantic. Few are just too romantic to be true; while few are hopelessly unromantic in their personal life. Precisely, love and every word describing it, is romantic in itself which holds power to obscure the real nature of a person. Again, where poets could be unromantic, I have witnessed many romantic software engineers.

Love beautifies a person, signifying its importance in life. And romance helps to adore love in any case. It keeps you emotionally fit. It helps your relationship grow better and become stronger. “Romance, for some, is just the initial period of understanding and comprises of dates, flowers, chocolates and kisses without any hard physical relationship and while for others, it is a kind of natural feeling and can arise at any time and at any moment of life. They do not restrict to a bunch of flowers, hugs and kisses.”

Sometimes, those dramatic poetic words may not work so well as your gestures and emotions. While words merely describe your feelings, your minor gestures could make your partner’s heart skip a beat. While with words you can soothe his ears, your emotions could fill in the gap between the fingers of your loved ones. No wonder the comparison of gestures over words will wonder you and work magic.

– “Live to Love”



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