By Aakriti Ranabhat

There is no one who hates having sex. Besides, there are many people who prefer involving in wild sex sessions. But remember, wild sex sessions cannot always be ‘pleasurable’. Many people have had their trips to hospitals after medical emergencies induced by various types of sexual sessions and experiments.

WAVE’s writer Dr Aakriti Ranabhat—also a medical doctor by profession—lists out few of the mishaps induced by various forms of sexual acts, which were attended at various hospitals, and known through her professional colleagues.

Patients’ identification has been protected for privacy.


Penile Fracture

A mid-20s couple’s sexual intercourse was interrupted by a loud and hurtful ‘snap sound’. Upon realising it, they quickly rushed to the hospital.

Doctors at the emergency department attended the patient, and following the examination, the guy was diagnosed with ‘penile fracture’, meaning ‘broken penis’.

Technically, a penis cannot be broken because it has no bones. However, rupture of the fibrous lining of the penis—which causes bending—is possible, and may not include external and internal bleeding. Penile fracture is caused by a rapid blunt force to an erect penis during intercourse or aggressive masturbation; the former was the cause of the case.


Oral sex went wrong

A young girl had developed a sudden cough. In a bid to rule out all the causes, doctors obtained a detailed history of her all illnesses. The doctors identified that a dislodgement of a fragment of a condom inside her lungs had caused her sudden coughing. It was out of her knowledge that she had swallowed a fragment of a condom during a session of oral sex in the past.


Showers of pain

Many couples love experimenting and spicing up their sex lives; and very often, they find themselves sustaining with injuries.

A young girl appeared at the hospital with blood and cuts over her forehead. After the treatment, she was compelled to spend the rest of her nights suturing the lips. Before the medical situation, she had a shower sex with her partner, and during the sex session, she had slipped and landed with her face on the floor.


Marathon session of wild sex

Remember, marathon sex session can possibly trigger fainting attacks.

A guy appeared at the emergency department with an unconscious girl. Upon inquiring, he mentioned that the girl had stopped ‘moaning’ in middle of their love making a session. Before bringing her to the hospital, he even had sprinkled her face with water and shook her with force while she was still breathing, but to no avail. At the hospital, she was diagnosed with ‘neurogenic shock’. Actually, the wild sex session had landed her to an episode of shock, which can actually be ‘life-threatening’. Later, she got better.



Though not very common, few years back, there was a medical emergency following bestiality—sexual intercourse between a person and an animal.

A girl had tried to fulfil her sexual curiosity by having sex with her dog when no one else was at her home. When her parents arrived, she was found in a condition when the dog’s penis was stuck in her vagina. She was immediately brought to the hospital, where muscle relaxants were applied to release it.

Many cases of animals’ death have also been reported worldwide.


I Fell on the Carrot

Shoving certain stuff in the butt is not a really good idea.

A guy had once appeared at the emergency with a carrot stuck in his anus. He made up a story and described that he had fallen on a straight-up carrot while he was roaming around his apartment without any clothes on.


Spicing the jerking-off

A teenager—embarrassed with his act—was rushed at the emergency by a friend. As complained, he was having severe burning sensation on his penis. Upon examining, his penis was found to be all red, and it seemed like a result of ‘allergic reaction’. Later the boy finally revealed what he had done.

He had actually applied ketchup as an experiment. The ketchup turned out to be ‘spicy’ that burnt the foreskin before he could even realise that he picked up a wrong bottle.


Wrong hole

Cases of landing in medical emergencies following the use of vegetables and other stuff for masturbating are common. The consequences will be embarrassing and painful. What goes in must come out.

A girl with heavy vaginal bleeding appeared at the emergency. It was known that she had inserted a pen in the wrong hole and injured the urethra.

Urethral opening is for urinating, and the vaginal opening is the passage which is used for having sex, child birth and menstrual flow.


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