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By Sonam Dolma Sherpa
Photographed by Arjun Shah
Hair and makeup by Bipashi Tuladhar, Sakcchi T. Maskey
Wardrobe Courtesy of Redvelvet and Timberland
Location Labim Mall

Time has come to amass your earnings and hit shopping market because Dashain is just round the corner. While several plans among the festival revelers are in the offing, The Handsome Hunk Aashirman Deshraj Joshi and the darling Anna Sharma, not only shared some equations of shopping spree but also hinted how they are waiting in the wings and building an ‘in-between chemistry’ for the movie ‘Gangster Blues’ going on the floor this February

The Ladies’ Man: AASHIRMAN 

With a fan base of 25.3 K followers on Instagram alone, Aashirman DS Joshi is most certainly one of the most charming gentlemen of K Town. His sharp model looks combined with an angelic smile and an unapologetic confidence has all the girls falling head over heels in love with the rising star. Always very loving and supportive of his fans, Aashirman hasn’t missed any chance to win the hearts of many, we didn’t miss our chance to sit down with him and have a quick Q&A article for his fans:

 You are about to debut with ‘Gangster Blues’, how excited are you?

I’ve always wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry but my priorities to my studies have always caught me. When I was offered with a lead role for the movie, I was super-excited. The main hitting factor for me to sign the movie is the fact that the movie is being directed by Hem Raj B.C, the director who gave hits like Jerry, Hostel and Gajalu.

 Now that your brother, Ayushman, has made a ‘wow’ mark in the Nepali movie industry, how tough are you taking the competition?

I believe that healthy competition is always good, and I will say that my brother has raised the bar, and I’m proud of him. With the mark that he has set up, I just have to try harder.

Aashirman taking a coffee break

At a Quick Pelt

Relationship Status: Pretty much single. 😉

Most Inspiring Person: Without wanting to sound cliched, I draw a lot of inspiration from my mom. Feature you look in a girl: I don’t have a list in my head but if we click, we click and that’ll be it.

Something that people don’t know about you: I’m a perfectionist. I love good banter. An outgoing introvert.

 A talent you haven’t publicized: Singing

 One person you love the most in the world: It is, and will always be my family Interest in dating a fan: Why not? Sweetest thing from a fan: Having lots of admirers, I consider myself very lucky, and each gesture has touched my heart. Just the fact that they have taken the time out to reach out to me is the sweetest thing for me. So it’s not just one but everyone.



Aashirman DS Joshi

The Darling ANNA

The gorgeous Anna Sharma who awed the audience with her debut film ‘Jerry’ is back with her grace in her new movie ‘Gangster Blues’. Her extraordinary acting skills and the charismatic smile she carries is one of her heart wining characteristics. With talents that outweigh her age, Anna is most definitely one of the most loved actors of Nepal with 48.9 K followers on Instagram alone.

You are back after a 3 year long gap, how much has the movie industry changed in the past three years?

Honestly, I feel that the past three years have passed in the blink of an eye. Ever since I’ve been involved in the movie industry, it has grown and broadened in many great ways. There are lots of new comers and great movies. It’s an eye-opener for a lot of people.

Besides preparing for movie, where are you busy working these days?

Currently, I am involved with ‘Habitat For Humanity’, a project dedicating its efforts to build houses for needy families across the nation

Anna giving her killer beauty look.
Anna giving her killer beauty stare

At a Quick Pelt

Relationship Status: Pretty committed.

Phobia: Losing someone

Dream Job: My dream job is to establish an INGO. Also to be the CEO of the VOUGE Magazine ha ha …

Passion: I’m very passionate towards books.

One person you love the most in the world: God

 Interested in dating a fan: First, dating should be defined. Sweetest gift from a fan: I can’t think of one because when they all support me, and shower me with their love and appreciations, that’s the sweetest thing for me.

 Favorite pass time activity: Reading. I also love to listen to my parent’s stories and share some laughs with them. Family Time is something I deeply value.

Aashirman and Anna shopping till the late hours.
Aashirman and Anna shopping till the late hours.

Shopping Spree

Which are the outlets in Kathmandu that you love to shop mostly in?

Aashirman: Any outlets located anywhere that display good stuffs enough to catch my eyes.

If you’ve ever overshopped, what has that experience made you realize?

Aashirman: Guilty.

Anna: I had overshopped using my dad’s credit card, I had overspent to a point where my behaviors had led me to many adverse consequences. But I have never shopped till I dropped. Now, I always set a certain budget when I go for shopping.

How long does your shopping usually last? Are you a logical buyer or not?

Aashirman: I love shopping, so, you can imagine what kind of buyer I am.

Anna: I can honestly spend an entire day at a mall if I have leisure time. I like to take my own time when I shop. I am a very logical buyer.

If yes, what kind of stuff do you buy online, and what would you rather buy from a store?

Aashirman: Online shopping has made shopping easier but I buy trousers only from stores.

Anna: I can decide to buy an item only when I see in real environment, and only after giving it a trial. To make sure you’re buying the right product for yourself, you need to be able to check it up close, feel it and check the seams, and try it on.

Aashirman and Ann on a shopping spree.
Aashirman and Ann on a shopping spree.

Are you a bargain hunter? Do you get excited about sales and discounts?

Aashirman: Not really

Anna : Sometimes,  yes, especially when taxi drivers try to rip me off. It is a must in Nepal. And who doesn’t get excited over sales and discounts?

While buying, do you prefer buying stuff made in Nepal?

Aashirman: Yes.

Anna: Yes, I do buy stuff those are made in Nepal but it should suit me well. As long as I am convinced that I am buying the rights products that are irreplaceable, well-made and well-priced, it doesn’t necessarily matter where the products are made.

Outside Nepal, which are the best cities for shopping?

Aashirman: I have enjoyed shopping in the nearest home shopping destination – Thailand.

Anna: Out of all the places I’ve been to, Hong Kong, perhaps, offers the widest and most exclusive range of products, from international luxury goods to local souvenirs.

Are you a price conscious shopper or do you just blow it all away when it comes to shopping?

Aashirman: If I like something and I can afford it, I go for it.

Anna: For me, it all comes down if it’s worth the investment. Spending significant money on an item means considering a purchase as an investment, not a cheap exploitative thrill. Quality products last longer for the money you spend, and are more reliable. It comes down to buying less mediocre stuff.

7 reasons to shop at Labim Mall, Pulchowk, this Dashain:

  1. It has the best aesthetics.
  2.  The mall will make you look photogenic.
  3.  There are high chances you will bump in with your celebrity crush.
  4. If you are an exclusive shopper, Labim has a range of exclusive shops, such as Red velvet, Timberland, Mfashionista, Keventers milkshake and other top brands in town including the selection of eateries.
  5.  This Dashain, events organized by Labim are exciting factors that will take Dashain shopping to the next level and deals offered are too good to miss.
  6.  Shopping at a “new mall”, with every day of fun activities this Dashain and Tihar
  7. Offer at the open space and the creative see-through top-hat Labim will assure that you have a  pleasant happy day.

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