Singing is the secret of my energy: Suzan Dhakal


Photographs by Anup Ale Magar

Starting a new job can be nerve-racking and/or exciting. Many also get jitters every time they start a new job and feel alive. After all, starting a new job marks that you’re embarking on a new future and positioning yourself to write a fresh story on a clean slate. This was how Suzan Dhakal, a singer who has come up with his debut album ‘Depth’, was feeling when he hit a recording studio to record his songs.

“I was super nervous during my first few days at the recording studio,” recalls Dhakal, “Standing before a microphone and getting ready to sing was the most difficult moment. However, I was super excited too, and I used to ask myself if I actually could give my best while recording a song. I would get scared of this. Nevertheless, I also used to think that I had to go this no matter what happens. Finally, I completed the record. Now, my dream to become a singer is fulfilled.”

This was not the only moment of nervousness for Dhakal; thinking of embarking on a new journey used to make him confused and nervous from the beginning as well.

Suzan Dhakal
Suzan Dhakal

Suzan Dhakal was born in Surkhet, Province 6, as the only son to his parents. His parents were government employees and no one in his family was close to creative fields like music, art, and others. Despite this, Dhakal was passionate in music since his childhood days and would write songs, and his family members were supportive of his dream.

Dhakal who attained bachelor’s degree in rural development had also worked as a Radio Jockey at Radio Jagaran 98.9 MHz and had also managed various private organisations under the capacity of branch manager.

In between all these, he would often find himself enjoying music, and one day, he realised how he was blessed with skills in singing. That was the time when he thought of pursuing his career in music and quit his job as an RJ. He wrote songs and started composing them. However, he would think a lot before embarking into his new path.

“I quit my job as an RJ because I wanted to explore the Nepali music scene with wider wings,” says Dhakal, adding, “But I used to get confused whenever I used to think of recording a song, especially while choosing recording studio because only quality recording studio could record my songs in the best quality possible. Anyway, my friends lightened my confusion by showering me with their suggestions. I am thankful to them.”

With such a support from his friends and also from his family, Dhakal thought of recording his songs with a plan to secure success in Nepali music scene.

Dhakal started recording his songs at RB recording studio, Anamnagar. However, he used to find himself at utter nervousness whenever he used to stand before a microphone to sing his songs. But this nervousness was short-living for him.

“The technicians at the recording studio would always instruct me with some singing tricks, and I learnt how detailed a recording work actually is. Besides, they would also remind me how beautiful I was singing. With their support, I was able to record my first song ‘Timi Nai Timi’, a soft romantic pop melody. I am thankful to my arranger Manashi Kiran, and I feel lucky for getting all such support,” says Dhakal.

Challenges are evident in any field—be it in music, movies, or development sector; however, how seriously one works actually matters the most. Believing in this, Dhakal completed recording his debut album ‘Depth’ and is accepting every challenge on his way in becoming a singer and wishing everyone to appreciate his work.

“I love to write songs, and singing is the secret of my energy. It’s like finding my soul in singing.”—Suzan Dhakal


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