Skate, Fall, Get Up and Repeat!

By: Roneeshma Shrestha || Photos: Arwind Chhetri


Isn’t it getting monotonous hanging out with your pals at the same old cafes, malls, or any other general places in Kathmandu? Aren’t you eagerly waiting for something spine-tingling? If you find ‘yeses’ as answers to these questions, kick off your weekend at Synthetic Ice Skating Rink, Nepal’s first ever ice-skating rink, located at Civil Mall, Kathmandu. This is the place where the ground propels you to build a momentum and help you glide towards an amazing experience.

The feeling you get when you see the skaters skating in front of you is exciting, hilarious and scary at the same time. You’ll be super confused whether they’re actually wearing skates because their ways of twizzling and spinning with ease will blow your mind, enthuse every part of your nerves and encourage you to do the same. What you’ll see is people tripping and banging on the floor with uproarious expressions. But once you enter the rink, there’s something about it that makes you believe you can withstand physics and feel more powerful than your mortal self.


So about how this idea was launched, the founder Kiran Saakha says, “I wanted to set-up ice skating rink in Nepal since a long time but due to technical problems, my ideas had been delaying. Setting-up a facility with ice turned out to be very difficult as I found its consequences to be very pricy and challenging for a developing country like Nepal. So, I came up with an alternate plan, i.e. replacing ice floors with synthetic floors. Skating on synthetic floors gives similar experience like skating on ice.”

Chirpy kids, vigorous teenagers and adults were seen inside the rink guided by two trained skaters. They’re the ones to direct, instruct and also look after safety measures, especially when skaters tumble!


We also asked some of the people about their experiences. Turns out, kids loved it and the young adults too were very glad about something like this opening in Nepal. However, few foreigners who had already experienced ice skating felt that the floor could have been waxed a little more as it should be more slippery. Nevertheless, they still enjoyed it and were seen sprinted and riant.


I strongly feel that this is something everyone should try, at least once! Of course, there are going to be moments when you fall down and get your face in direct contact with the floor, but that’s just a part of the most exhilarating experiences you will never want to outlive. Skate, fall, get up and skate again! Trust me; you’ll end up laughing with tears rolling down your cheeks like we did!


Ice skating is a potential and creative sport. It should be included in extra curriculum activities in schools and colleges.

-Kiran Saakha, the founder



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