Soft-Cut Crease Eye Makeup

One of the great things about the cut crease technique is that it can be kept really subtle to make your eyes stand out or it can be tuned for something bold and statement-making. To achieve this look, the idea is to apply a lighter shade of eye shadow all over your lid and then a contrasting shadow shade over your crease to define it with a little blending which makes the eyes appear bigger by creating separation between the crease and the upper eye area, it defines the eyes and looks amazing in photographs too.


By Lashes Make-Up
Transcribed by Lisa Shrestha
Photos by Satyan Shrestha

Cut crease is a technique which enhances and defines the crease of the eye for a sharp-defined look on balance with a killer smoky/soft dark colour eye along with dark brown lip or perfect hair that seems effortless. You see it everywhere, but it is more difficult than it looks to do by your own hands. It is a great way of adding depth to the eye and giving your makeup look a special quirk.

WAVE collaborated with Lashes Makeup Studio in order to achieve the Soft Cut Crease Eye look, and we are delighted to bring you the step-by-step tutorial to help you nail the soft cut crease eye makeup! Here’s the process:

  • Start off by creating a base, sweeping it across the eyelids and blending it in well using clean fingertips.
  • Take your eye shadow that is a few shades lighter than the darkest one that you will use and an angled brush, sweep the shadow across your brow bone where it arches and blend it in properly.
  • For the next step, sketch a half-moon shape just above your natural crease in your eyelids. Start at the inner corner of your eyelid and sweep the colour across to sketch out the half-moon shape. As you draw towards the outer corner of your eye, raise your sketched line slightly to add a wing. Blend afterwards.
  • Take the next colour that you’ll be using and follow the line you just created in your eye crease, slightly inside the line and blend it gently.
  • Apply inside the crease line and blend in well, so that all colours spill over into each other in a nice blended gradient. You’ll need to blend precisely to get a good finish.
  • Once you’re done blending, go back and apply eye shadow to the rest of your eyelid. Pat the colour on slowly and apply a few layers to even it out well.
  • Finish your soft cut crease look off with winged eyeliner and plenty of volumising mascara.

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