Surya Nepal Jazzmandu 2017 workshop


With a sit down session with “Toy Story”, Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory held the Jazzmandu Workshop/ Masterclass today, 17th October. The session started off with a performance of their compositions with Samuel Wootton on percussions, Silvan Straub on drums, Sebastian Wehie on Saxaphone, Daniel Stritzke on bass and Alex Eckert on guitar wowing the music enthusiasts present with improv and soothing melodies transporting us to a different universe.

This was followed by a question and answer session. The audience eager to know what there song transitions and breaks.They focused on how Nepal is fortunate to have ample traditional music that can be mixed and incorporated in their jazz. The band Toy Story come from Germany, where they claim don’t have much traditional music so they travel and take pieces and inspiration from all the countries they visit. The band members talked about their experience when touring in different places around the world and how they pick up pieces from some countries and incorporate them into their songs calling them souvenirs that they could keep.

They talked about what jazz meant to them and that it is not only sheet music but cooperation and understanding your band members. Communication is a huge part of playing jazz and enjoying it; communication between band members, communication amongst the audience as well. Jazz is all about performing your feelings and the vibe of the place, time and people also make a huge difference in the sound and feel of the music.

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