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Text by – Priyadarshani Shrestha
Photo by – Arvind Chhetri




Established on the 20th of August, 2016, Level 3 is the posh bar on the top floor of Labim Mall. From the opening time of 11 am, their clientele have been walk in crowds from the mall and movie goers who come in for a coffee or beer. Just as the mall, Level 3 too attracts the sophisticated Kathmandu crowd coming out for get togethers or birthday parties as the evening turns a bit exclusive with deep house music and the dimness is brightened by the cool seats and bar that light up. Their next project is an exclusive fine dining / members only bar next door called Prive. The chairman, Adarsh Man Singh aims to open Prive around the end of November and it is planned to be a venue for live music from the artists around the world, a members only bar with a wide selection of single malts and cocktails. We cannot wait to see what Prive offers, but since we still have a lot of time left for that, let’s have a look at Level 3.

Chicken Barbaque Foodie's CornerChicken BarbecueSweet, crispy and glazed; this barbecued dish is the perfect blend of juicy and tender meat with just enough spices and flavors. Served with salsa potato chips that go so well with the sweet chicken that you will end up licking your fingers, the chicken is marinated in soya garlic that only adds to its rich flavors. Although it could use a little bit more spice for some people, all in all, this is a must try dish.

Rs. 700

Lamb BarbecueNot being a huge fan of lamb, I was surprised by this dish as I found myself wanting more of it. The slight smoked and burnt flavors really went well with the curry marinated lamb. The spicy ketchup have the dish more heat and although the pieces of meat were a little tough as expected, Level 3 has been successful in turning a non lamb eater . 4 and half star.

Rs. 700


Cheese Quesidias

Cheese Quesadillas

Cheesy and wholesome, these quesadillas are the best you’ll find in Kathmandu. Served with sour cream and salsa, this dish was ever so heartwarmingly good. The sour cream and salsa went perfectly well with the other elements of the dish like spring onions with the cheese inside however, the decorative barbecue sauce felt kind of out of place and unnecessary. 3 star.

Rs. 500

Chicken QuesidiasChicken Quesadillas

These quesadillas were even better than its vegetarian counterpart for obvious reason. Unlike traditional chicken quesadillas, Level 3 adds mushrooms to their version of the dish and we simply love this variation. Although the filling inside looks a little darker than the original quesadillas, the amalgam of the mushrooms and chicken is simply magnificent. 4 star.

Rs. 600

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