The 2nd Pump Fest Lifting Meet held


The 2nd Pump Fest Lifting Meet took place at the Gyanmandala, Jhamsikhel on April 29 where participants made three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift. The three categories of the competition were women, men lifting below 70 and men lifting above 70, judged by Sachit Pradhan, Sushant Peadhan and Jag Singh. The competition was organised by ‘The Pump’ and hosted by Samriddhi Rai. A circuit category with burps, box jump and tyre flip for the audience was also held.

The results

Women in lifting competition:
1st Shelina Hada
2nd Neha Banu
3rd Saprina Shrestha
Men in lifting competition – Below 70:
1st Sukha Dev
2nd Madan Bhandari
3rd Prashant Shrestha
Men in lifting competition – Above 70:
1st Tyson Moktan (Bramand sing moktan)
2nd Bishal S Palikhe

3rd Roshan Shrestha

Circuit male:
Chanit Tamang
Circuit female:
Shanti KC


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