The Voice of Nepal: Rattling the Nation

It is not unusual for a reality show to take a couple of seasons till they get good viewers. However, The Voice of Nepal was undisputedly on #1 soon after the ‘Blind Audition’ and ‘Battle Round’ were broadcasted. As the show now has advanced to the ‘Live Round’, start voting for your favourite contestants to keep them rocking the first-ever season of the world’s #1 singing reality show.


By Abish Shakya

The team at ANC Entertainment were petrified the night the first episode of The Voice of Nepal aired because it is not unusual for a reality show to take a couple of seasons until they get good viewers. With other ongoing TV shows, they were not sure if Nepalis had tuned in to watch The Voice of Nepal. However, they had their heart lightened as the first episode of the singing reality show was trending on #1 on YouTube the next day.

Today, the Voice of Nepal team can keep their heads high because the show was undisputedly on #1 for about more than three weeks. The fourth episode of the Voice of Nepal has reached more than 3 million views on YouTube and has more than 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. Contestant Ashra Kunwar performed Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and was featured on The Voice Global, a platform for where the best performances of the show from 193 counties are featured every week.

“In the ‘Live Round’, each coach will have the power to save only one contestants from the four performing because the ‘Drop Zone’ will be opened, and the contestants will be eliminated if they do not receive enough votes from the audience watching the show from their homes.”

The blind audition and the battle round were worth-watching. Coach Abhaya was often seen stepping off her swivelling seat, grinding her teeth in excitement, and buzzing the button with her heels shouting, “I WANT YOU.” Coach Pramod often thrust to shoot the buzzer with his two fingers and was always stoked by pleasant voice of some contestants. Coach Sanup was ‘wow-ed’ so many times and had his eyes wide open at a time when he could judge only by the voice. Coach Deep, who we thought would be hard to please because of his great experience, seemed more than impressed with many contestants.

It was exciting to see coaches persuading contestants to join their team, and they did select some unexpected contestants as well; for instance, Coach Abhaya selected Subash Gandharva in her team though rock is her genre. So, with ‘no restrictions on genre’ and ‘no obligation’ beside the number of contestants to be selected for the next round, everything was up to the coaches; and finally, the Voice of Nepal advanced to ‘Battle Round’ with 48 contestants—12 contestants with each coach. The coaches had a hard time rejecting some genuine contestants as they ran out of empty slots in their respective team.

“In the ‘Live Round’, the audience will have the power to vote for their participants to keep them in the league as the coaches will play no hand in interfering with the voting at all.”

 In the ‘Battle Round’, it was time for the coaches to pair-up their own contestants to battle each other. The contestants’ inclination to the certain genre was one of the bases for selecting songs. For an instance, Janak Tamrakar had sung Nepathya’s ‘Sa Karnali’ and Bibek Lama had sung ‘Despacito’ in the ‘Blind Audition’, and as they have their love for the similar genre, they were both drawn to sing ‘Pijada Ko Suga’ by rock band 1974 A.D.

However, the ‘Battle Round’ was agonising for the coaches because they had to eliminate one of their own favourite contestants despite not willing to. After all, it was the format of the show. Pain leveraging the coaches was clearly visible.

Now, though each coach eliminated half-the-lot with six of their own contestants, they also had the liberty to ‘Steal’ two of the eliminated contestants from the team of other coaches, and The Voice of Nepal was the first franchise to have the ‘Steal’ deal allowed in the first season. Utilising this, the coaches used ‘Steal’ for some of the contestants. Finally, each coach now has eight contestants—six survivors and two from ‘Steal’—and a total of 32 contestants are contesting for the ‘Live Round’.

“We had reminded the coaches that there were some fine contestants in the final days of ‘Battle Round’, but it is the format of the show not to reveal the detail information. That agony of letting genuine talents go has been experienced in The Voice shows all around the world.”—Laxman Paudyal.

The Live Round

The ‘Live Round’ airing in each episode will see eight contestants from only two coaches performing solo. From each coach, four contestants will perform and compete with other contestants from each coach. So, in two episodes airing on Saturday and Sunday, a total of 16 contestants from all four coaches will perform in solo.

In this round, the audience watching the show from their homes will play a big role because the ‘Drop Zone’ will be opened, and the contestants will be eliminated if they do not receive enough votes. However, the coaches will save one among the three contestants, and the fate of the remaining three will be depended upon the votes from the audience.

The voting for the contestants will be opened as soon as the bottom-three is announced in the show, and the voting window closes the very next day at 12 p.m. The results will be announced in the next episode; meaning, the results of the ‘Live Round’ aired on Saturday will be announced in the episode airing on Sunday, while the results of the ‘Live Round’ aired on Sunday will be announced in the episode airing on next Saturday.

In the third ‘Live Round’, four of the remaining contestants of two coaches will battle within its group, and the fourth ‘Live Round’ will have all the final batch of contestants performing. As two contestants are eliminated in their first bout, the format will repeat. This time, the fifth ‘Live Round’ will have three contestants from a coach performing. One will secure its place and the other two will have to battle out for votes.

This format of elimination will keep going until there is only one contestant left from each team. The single finalist of each coach will then contest with a contestant belonging to another coach to get the prestigious first-ever title of ‘The Voice of Nepal’.



If you have missed an episode of The Voice of Nepal, the entire full-fledged episodes can still be watched on YouTube. In fact, The Voice of Nepal is the first The Voice franchise to have a full episode aired on YouTube.


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