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Review by Priyadarshini Shrestha
Photos by Arwind Chhetri

On a Sunday afternoon last month, on my table at Bake and Bite Café, Manbhawan, were three plates of Mudcake, Samay Baji and Piro Momo, which came out of its kitchen, and left me delighted within minutes thanks to the chef who cooked them.


Mudcake at Bake and Bite Café
Mudcake at Bake and Bite Café

Luscious chocolatey flavors coupled with hot, fuzzy and soft sponge; the Og Cake is just ‘the best quencher’ if you have cravings for chocolate.If the brown color of the cake isn’t inviting enough for you, then the rich gooeyness of choco- cake will definitely win your heart.

Piro Momo

Piro Momo at Bake and Bite Café
Piro Momo at Bake and Bite Café

For all the people who love spicy dumplings, this one is made for you. Topped with hot and spicy jhol, this momo, that will leave you sweating within mere minutes, is one of the best in town. If you want to accept a challenge, head over to Bake & Bite Cafe for the spiciest momos because it definitely lives up to its name!

Samaya Baji

Samaya Baji at Bake and Bite Café
Samaya Baji at Bake and Bite Ca

This quintessential Newari platter of soya bean,potatoes, spinach, black eyed peas, radish pickle, coming with beaten rice and a boiled egg, was just perfect in terms of ‘quantity’ and ‘quality’. ‘Bake and Bite’ have already mastered the bake-bit but have not been behind on the bite-part. Proportions of each item in this dish is perfect, and I bet, you will not leave anything in the end.


About Bake & Bite Café

Located in a prime location at Manbhawan, Bake & Bite Café is a family-owned eatery that started off with serving bakery items and beverages only, but while running along with the market demand, they expanded their menu, and today, they have started ‘Lunch Box’, a lunch delivery service especially for office workers. With recently imported edible ink printer, they also bake personalized and designed cakes.

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