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One of Nepal’s favourite rappers Nirnaya NSK is back with his 6th studio album ‘ek Nepal – NSK Style’, 11 years after the launch of his previous album ‘Ma Nepali’. The rapper of hit songs such as ‘Din Pani Bityo’, ‘Gaule Jeewan’ and ‘Ma Nepali’ will not only be releasing his album but also continuing the ‘Nirnaya NSK Tour for Education’ which started in 2006 and is on it’s 11th year running..

WAVE caught up with the well-proclaimed singer to get to know more about his album.

How does it feel to release an album after so many years, and why did it take so long?

It just feels like yesterday but I didn’t realise it has been almost 11 years. I have released few singles but I wasn’t able to promote them since I was busy with ‘Tour for Education’. Finally, I had some time to release this album “eknepal – nsk style” but I’m still so caught up with my social endeavours which make me wonder if I will be able to promote it as much as I could have. But, it definitely feels good. Taking it out in a pen drive should help other artists to use this medium to release their album in a different way.

What changes can we expect from your songs after almost a decade after the last album?

Nirnaya NSK PC: Shiva Lal Shrestha
Nirnaya NSK PC: Shiva Lal Shrestha

Basically, I have always worked on mixing our true Nepali elements by using musical instruments like madal, dholak, dhime, damphu and sarangi. So, in this album, I have fused hip-hop and Nepali elements together. I have written and composed songs about the environments that surround us. So, in this album, you can hear that kind of sound. The name of the album says it all.

What is special about the album?

Beside the music, which is always special, we are releasing it in a pen drive. It shall have my old songs and videos as well as the new ones. Plus, we will be taking pre-orders from Sasto Deal; so, it will be the first time that a pre-ordered album will be released. Whoever pre-orders the album will have their photo printed on one side of the pen drive. The album will limited edition exclusive customized pen drive album.

Can you guide us through the tracks and the artists you have collaborated for this album?

This album will feature songs like ‘Yopali’ feat. Prashna Shakya, ‘U Can’ feat. Astha B, ‘Happy Birthday’ feat Axata, ‘Aja Mero Nepal – feat and Smita Dhahal Pradhan to name a few.

About the album launch: ‘ek Nepal – NSK Style’ will be launched in a concert at Karma Lounge on April 22.

About Nirnaya NSK Tour for Education: With the motto ‘Education is the foundation of life’, Nirnaya NSK will be touring 100 schools this year, entertaining the students, supporting them educationally and raising awareness about various social issues faced in Nepal. He has distributed more than 1,000,000 books and stationeries for children deprived of education since the initiation of the tour in 2006.

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