Wind Horse Stables Experience the guts & glory of the Sport of Kings

When you think about a sport, what’s the first thing that crosses your mind? Basketball? Soccer? Or something as relaxing, unflustered and serene as putting on your swim suits and swimming all the way? Well, I guess horse riding will surely be the last thing crossing your mind. But I can assure you that all those ideas about an alluring, action-packed sport will lose its thrill and exhilaration level once you weigh against them to going on a farm, galloping on a horse with 80s country songs playing alongside while you delight in the moment.


By Roneeshma Shrestha

Photos by Bibek Puri

Originated in Central Asia in 3500 BC and slowly spread all across the rest of Asia, Europe, and North Africa, horse riding—specifically known as Equestrianism—refers to the skill of driving,  steeplechasing or vaulting with horses. Having known a bit about this, I, along with my friend Priyadarshani Shrestha and our photographer Bibek Puri decided to try horse riding as it was something I had never done in my life. So last month, we went to ‘Wind Horse Stables’, a horse riding facility in Gokarna, and we had a time of our lives.

Going all the way to Gokarna from Swayambhu was tiring but the moment I reached there and heard one of the most famous country songs, ‘Mammas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys’ by Waylon & Willie, I knew it was totally going to worth it, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the horses, ponies, and varieties of birds that had such unique looking features. The overall vibe of the place was a total 10/10 and the instructors and guides seemed well-skilled.

AS soon as we reached there, we were welcomed by very friendly and professional staffs, and they introduced us to our horses which were very tamed and well-behaved. The instructors helped me gear up, directed me on how to hop onto the horse. Although it was a bit nerve-wracking at first for getting handed this 1,000-pound beast, I found him (Rudra) pretty obedient after a few minutes, and I gained a lot more confidence. We then took a stroll through the fields, which was an almighty ride with an awesome view. All of a sudden, the instructor commanded the horse saying, “Chall!” Rudra’s speeded up, and I couldn’t balance myself as I was both scared to death as well as couldn’t control laughing.

Rooneshma Shrestha
Rooneshma Shrestha

I could feel my heartbeat and the dread of falling down, but this was probably more to do with the fact that I was a complete beginner, and I’m sure with a bit more practice, I’d be able to move properly with the horse. I slowly became a lot more comfortable with the horse but my laughter was still uncontrollable. After the horse ride, they provided us the meal at the end of the ride which was fantastic!! It was a nice hearty heavy lunch which was very necessary after all that adrenaline rush.

Established in 2000 as Chandra Horse riding facility and formally established as a club in 2007, ‘Wind Horse Stables’ is the perfect place to enjoy horse riding and is one of the finest pleasurable ways to experience the exquisiteness of the jungle that brings you close to nature and experience wild animals and birds.

Niroj KC, the founder of the club, had always been an animal lover who dreamt about pursuing his career on something related to animals that would be impactful for the society as well. Talking with us, he said, “I always had an unfathomable connection with nature and would be a totally different person while being lost in the beauty of the horses. Horse riding was a perfect escape from my frustration, weariness, and realism which captivated my heart and soul. I believe that horses give us the wings we lack.”

Priyadarshani Shrestha
Priyadarshani Shrestha

Besides horses, the club has domesticated various kinds of species of animals, birds, and fishes. Justifying why the club has domesticated them, KC shared, “Mostly, horses are tied inside their stables which will perceptibly make them jaded. I didn’t want to isolate the horses by only limiting them to their species because just like us, even the animals need to socialize. So, we’ve created suitable surroundings for the horses to regain the positive energy and relish by looking at what’s around them and interact with other animals.”

The club has around 20 employees specialized in their own jobs, and they include veterinarian, farriers, trainers, visiting instructors, marketing managers, and so on. With the strength of these team members, the club has been organizing events by collaborating with schools, business companies and others.

The club that is the first ones to provide Baggi on rent for wedding purposes has appealing events like ranch parties and farm festivity that are influenced from the Western side that is something new to Nepal. Furthermore, just like a Hungarian master fires horseback archery, the club is also coming up with mounted archery which is basically able to shoot while riding from horseback. A team sport like polo, ball and bat programs will also be organized which will not only be entertaining but will also improve in invigorating our reflex actions.

Wind Horse Stables Experience the guts & glory of the Sport of Kings
Wind Horse Stables
Experience the guts & glory of the Sport of Kings

The club also has membership offers which include learning courses for beginners. Besides, with their horse riding academy, the club has further targeted to introduce a ‘one-day horse riding’ programs, along with inter-club activities and inter-school riding activities where horse riding clubs of different schools participate. They’ve already started it with Rupees International and are looking forward to many others.

I was totally unaware of how horse-riding also helps in burning hundreds of calories, offers cardio benefits, builds muscles, and enhances physical strength. The therapeutic riding has shown to reduce muscle spasticity, making an individual more compassionate as well as improving one’s interpersonal skills.

Well, horse riding here at Wind Horse Stables is something I would recommend to anyone who’s looking for a relaxed evening with a chill, laid-back ambiance and also evidently wanting for a fun, thrilling experience. So just relish the wind in your hair and the neighing of the horses as you gallop away your stress!

“The horses at Wind Horse Stables—unique breed with smooth trot and eye-catching looks—are brought all the way from South India and North India. With 155 breeds of horses all around the world, Wind Horse Stables has four types of horses which include Marwari, Kathiawari, Thoroughbred, and ponies.”




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