Woman Player of the Year 2073: Nangsal Devi Tamang

Written by: Rajat Shrestha


Nangsal Devi Tamang is a shuttler who had brought home the first ever gold medal in the sport after winning the mixed doubles title in the Pakistan International Series 2016. In the same tournament, she had also secured third position in the Women’s Single category. All these led her to being awarded with the Woman Player of the Year honour at the Pulsar Sports Award 2073 that took place on September 11, 2017, in the capital.

Born 30 years ago in Bhojpur, Nangasal Tamang started playing badminton from a young age. Later, she chose badminton as a professional pursuit in sport and became a part of Under-16 national team. Since she was still studying in her alma mater in Bhojpur during this time, she used to make frequent travelling to the capital city to participate in national tournaments. Now with her studies completed, Tamang has relocated to Kathmandu, and attends training ever morning from 8 o’clock to 11 o’clock before heading to work.

Over the years, Nangsal Tamang has had many accolades. In the 11th and 12th South Asian Games, she received three bronze medals: two as part of the women’s badminton team, and another one for being third in the singles category in the latter. In Pakistan International Series 2016, Tamang secured a gold medal, Nepal’s only gold medal in the sport, and also finished third in the Women’s Single category in the same tournament, adding a bronze medal in her collection of medals. All these accomplishments outshone the rest and led her to become the Woman Player of the Year 2073.

Though securing first ever gold medal for Nepal has been an unparalleled experience for her, Tamang is more than willing to repeat the history again.

“Receiving the Woman Player of the Year Award was a great moment, but the best moment in my life is still when I secured gold medal in Pakistan.”—Nangsal Tamang

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