Yamaha announces unprecedented ‘Resale Promise’ in scooters


Kathmandu, April 15: MAW Enterprises, the authorised distributor of Yamaha motorcycles and scooters in Nepal, has announced its unprecedented ‘Resale Promise’ in purchase of every Yamaha scooters.

According to the press statement, customers buying any of the Yamaha scooters will get up to 75 percent resale value on exchange with Yamaha motorcycles or scooters within one year of the date of purchase. Similarly, valuation after 12 months but till 18 months of the date of purchase will be 70% of the purchase invoiced amount while valuation between 18th and 24th month of the purchase will be 35 % deduction from the purchase invoiced amount.

Yamaha’s resale promise will be applicable to all purchases made from April 14. The validity of this promise will be up to 3 years of the purchase of the scooter, according to the company.

“Yamaha scooters are recently honoured as the best scooters for style and comfort. We are proud of our customers’ perception towards us. We wanted to add value to our customers and thus came up with this unprecedented scheme,” said Pradeep Pokharel, AGM- Marketing and BD of Yamaha division, “Now, Yamaha scooters are not only stylish and comfortable but resale promise guaranteed as well.”

MAW Enterprises started importing scooters six years back. In this very short period, Yamaha scooters earned popularity among Nepali riders. Yamaha’s innovation in design and technology has contributed significantly to the modern era of motorcycling in the world. Similar engineering is also consumed to design Yamaha’s global scooter line up which offers comfort and excitement with every ride along with stylish and sporty visual appeal.

Four models namely Fascino, Ray Z, Ray ZR and Alfa are available in Nepal now. These are built to address the demand of riders of different age and profession. Yamaha scooters are fitted with patented Blue Core technology which not only enhances the performance but also improves the mileage.

Currently, Yamaha is also with its New Year scheme, ‘Aamantran’. In this scheme, customers will get a scratch book where they will get chance to win sure shot discount and up to 100 % cash back. Till date, three customers have won 100% cash back.




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