Text by Shrisha Nepal
Photos by Satyan Shrestha

Zumba is a fitness dance form performed to energetic music. It fuses dance moves from a variety of dance forms. The intense dance workout form has been widely famous for its fun element. Contradicting the other tough fitness routines, zumba makes workout fun and interesting. An hour of Zumba, if done well, can help burn as much as 500 calories in just an hour.

To know more about the benefits of this workout routine, we interviewed Chandani Shrestha, a Zumba instructor from Shapes 2 gym. The 23-years-old Shrestha has been a Zumba and Aerobics instructor for 5 years now, and instructing zumba has come to become her hobby and passion.

Shrestha had an interesting story on how she landed as a fitness instructor. She first joined the gym in order to train herself to join an army. She, however, didn’t start with zumba as it was not a requirement of her training. But looking at zumba workouts, she would always cheer up and eventually, developed a desire to join zumba classes.



If you are looking for a change in your life, zumba just might be it. It has helped a lot of people, not just to gain physical beauty, but also to gain mental peace.

Zumba provides great health benefits. In order to be healthy and feel healthy, you need to take a step towards a healthy habit. Zumba can’t  be that healthy habit.

Zumba helps you to lose your weight helps increase the level of energy and confidence. I experience this every day, and see other people feeling the same every day.

Finally, her love for zumba pulled her towards it, and she didn’t resist. Later, she gave up continuing the army training and began a new journey of helping people stay fit. Now looking at her confidence and her passion, we could see how much it meant to her.

Shrestha confesses, “Being an introvert, expressing my emotions was tough for me but after I practiced zumba starting from 18 years-old, I started expressing myself through dancing. I never thought I could be around people comely like today.”

“Zumba has transformed my life,” says Shrestha, and admits, “I used to be depressed. I had tried everything else from meditation to other things but they were just not helping. Now, I am never going to stop practicing zumba. I am addicted to it. It changed by life.”


  1. Zumba word helps release endorphins the feel  good hormones which will make you happy.
  2. An hour of zumba helps burn as much as 500-600 calories, even without much physical burden or additional workout materials.
  3. Zumba is choreographed in a way to achieve a full body workout. It is designed to start with a warm-up, which follows a full body cardio workout.
  4. Weight loss is a clear result of zumba. It helps tone the body and lose unwanted body weight. Additionally, it helps improve the metabolism of the body and results in better immunity.
  5. Zumba works for every age. People who do not have good dancing skills can also do it. It is simple, with repetition of steps in different timings, and can be learned easily.
  6. Heart health boosts through zumba. It helps maintain a good cardiovascular respiratory system.
  7. Confidence is seen as an outcome of zumba. People who do this workout have realized an increase in their level of confidence.
  8. Zumba is fun if you have ever seen a zumba you would want to put on your dancing shoes and go for it! It is a fun workout and gives remarkable benefits from an upbeat and energetic routine.
  9. The main areas zumba targets are core, arms, legs, glutes and back. It does not only boost a body part but focuses on the whole body.
  10. Researchers have shown that regular practicing of zumba can help decrease blood pressure among people who are suffering from a high blood pressure.


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