Meet the Hottest Heartthrobs

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Photographed by: Arjun Shah
Text by: Priyadarshani Shrestha
Hair and makeup: BipashiTuladhar
Location: SB Furniture, Lagankhel

Countless brains were questioning, “Who is she?” when Shristi Shrestha graced the covers of various fashion magazines and displays of endorsements. At the same time, Anmol KC was on a mark of ‘get, set and go’, while thousands of beauties were unknown who was coming in their hearts to dwell.

Right after a year when tenfold admirers produced loudest applauds at Shristi’s title victory at Miss Nepal and notable wins in Miss World pageant, incalculable beauties were weaving a dream to date Anmol when he debuted with the movie ‘Hostel’.

While tens of million people had their jaws dropped when they watched Shristi in the video of the song ‘Kabhi Jo BaadalBarse’; the sexy Jerry pushed many boyfriends in a jealous imprisonment after his appearances in ‘Jerry’.

At the time when scores of playlovers were blowing whistles for Shrist’s playact as ‘Ophelia’, the dream-boy was in the ‘DREAMS’ of many.

And now, Anmol and Shristi, sharing the same frames in ‘Gajalu’, multiplied their fan following, moonstruck their admirers, and received trillions of kisses flying in the sky.

What else can be written with limited words, except for few excerpts from an interview with Anmol and Shristi that we captured during the cover shoot for WAVE?

The dream boy says:

What kinds of difficulties pinched you while giving shots?

Portraying my character as Aaravwas quite challenging because we differ in real and reel life. Sometimes, I used to get carried away, unintentionally divulging into my real-life personality. So while shooting, I often had to pause, sort it out, and give a next shot. Besides that delivering my dialogues with proper use of Nepali words was difficult for me, difficult than that I had thought.

Are there any similarities between Anmol and Aarav?

The only characteristic that we have in common is ‘interest in photography’. In real-life, I have strong interest in photography, and Aarav is some kind of director in the movie.

Who was the reference for your character in the movie?

I observed and studied the personality of Shailendra D. Karki, a cinematographer, and tried to copy him for reference for my role as Arav. Comparatively, Shristi was keener on doing research. She actually had a diary, and she would scribble on it most of the times. I don’t know what she used to write in it but she always had it with her.

Which behind the scene moment do you think is the most memorable one?

Shristi had actually cried while giving a shot for a scene.

For an emotional scene shot inside the Kumari’s house, Shristi was having a hard time to give a perfect shot. After many ‘actions’ and ‘cuts’, she was starting to get frustrated. Few moments later, Shristi started walking inside the room where the floor and ceiling is not too high, and unfortunately, Shristi, who is 5 ft 9 inch tall, banged her head against the ceiling. With real tears welling up in her eyes, she started performing better, and the shot turned out to be the perfect one.

Who was the funniest crew member on set?

Salon Basnet definitely gave some comic reliefs in the movie as well as on the set. He used to crack jokes, and make everyone laugh. I had worked with him in the film ‘Hostel’, and it was great working with him again.

Do you think Nepali films are meeting up the audience’s expectations?

People compare Nepali movies with international counterparts without realizing the differences in budget and scale of market. Budget allocated for a feature length Nepali movie equals or exceeds to the budget estimated for a music video produced in other countries. Players of Nepali film fraternity are trying to make the best out of the allocated budget, and I think professionals of Nepali film industry have also understood the expectation of the audience, and the market has definitely progressed. We still have a long way ahead though.

What are your future plans?

I am planning to take a 6-months gap to train myself. I am taking kick boxing classes and working out regularly. I am planning to take dance classes so that I can do some serious dancing in my upcoming films.

Any message to the youth?

I feel lucky to have travelled to 22 countries at the age of 22. It is a wonderful feeling to work on what you love. So, always remember to do what you love, and always stick to your roots. Love your country, and support its industries because if you won’t, who will?

The dream girl says

What kinds of differences or similarities did you find among modelling, playacting and screen acting?

Challenges differ among these. For instance, once a play starts, the emotional journey of a character does not cut off in the middle until the end of a play, which helps him/her to sequentially remain in the character, and give spontaneous emotions according to the scene, sentiment and the plot.

But in movie making, shooting of scenes are not planned in sequential order, thus, an actor has to properly understand the emotion of a particular scene because emotions required for a scene might be different than that required by a scene at its immediate afore. In this sense, screen acting is difficult than playacting.

When it comes to modeling, some skills of acting is required as well because a model needs to express different emotions and vibes. It may not be as intense or vast as acting in movies and play but it requires some skills of acting.

What kinds of difficulties pinched you while giving shots?

While shooting, I had to face three major difficulties.

First was to understand technical jargons of film production. As I had no idea on technical jargons, I was not getting used to it, and adapting within the set, and getting conversant with the crew members was difficult for me. I was not understanding what they were talking about.

Second, scenes planners planned to shoot all my emotional scenes in the first week of the production period. As demanded by the scenes, I’d have to cry for long hours, and ensure giving the correct balance of emotions. Doing it was so emotionally draining that every day, I would go home, and stay in my sadness despite repeatedly reminding myself that the sadness and tears weren’t for real.

Third, I had never worked such long hours before, and giving my best on each and every scene and sequence was difficult. Everything just felt so heavy for a bit. At the end of the week, I broke down at home, literally cried.

Do your real-life personality hold similarities with that of your movie character?

I wouldn’t say my real-life personality hold similarities with the Kumari but there are some moments where I could relate with that of hers. For instance, when I first moved to England, thestrange place had developed a feeling of awkwardness within myself, and in the movie too, Kumari holds the same feeling when she moves out of her Kumari house.

How did you learn the personality of Kumari?

I contacted a few former Kumaris, wishing to meet them, and knowing them in person. Thank god, one of them replied my message, and agreed to meet. We met for few times that helped me in terms of learning her body languages, the tone of her voice and even more.

Which behind the scene moment makes you laugh even today?

I remember an incident that occurred during an evening barbecue hosted on the last day of the shooting phase. We were just having a good time, and Anmol was kind of tipsy that night. As he was slightly influenced by the alcohol, he fell over the barbecue drum, sustaining minor wound to his arm.


Do you think Nepali films are not being able to fascinate larger audience?

I don’t think it is entirely true. Nepali film industry is in a transitional phase, and audience is growing every day. Film fanatics are taking ‘filmmaking’ as their major subjects in academics. Besides, contents of new Nepali movies relate much to younger generation, and magnetizing them towards the industry.


What is your next venture?

I am looking for a good script right now. I am planning to continue with my acting career.

A message to the youth

Always try to figure out where your true passion lies, and follow your dreams without thinking for a second. Your goals will never come easily. Work hard and strive to achieve your goals because ‘hard work’ is key to success.

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